Official website: http://foldupgame.blogspot.de/

Martin Völker Lead, Art, Music
Neti Shah Management, Art, Sound
Pia Heugel Art, Sound
Sven Monhof Programming

FoldUp is my fifth semesters project and plays as a sandbox-puzzlegame. For this project I did not only write an in-game editor, but also two file formats to save results. It is based on the Unity Engine.

Project Cubicle

Markus Stupp Lead, Art
Alexander Radacki Management, Art, Sound, Music
Tanja Thoma Art, Animation
Sven Monhof Programming, Level Design

The fourth semesters project was Cubicle. It is a first-person puzzle game set inside a cube. My main responsibility was programming and leveldesign. Sadly it never was fully finished, mainly due to time restrictions. The Engine used is Unity.

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